Don’t Breathe My Air is a 2-4 player local party game, developed for Ludum Dare 37, in which you have to carefully manage your breath due the limited amount of oxygen, while farting in the faces of your opponents.

Because of an other gamejam at my university, in which we had to create games for our local Winnitron, I continued working on this game, being convinced that it is a perfect game for that occasion.

itch (old version)

Team: Corrado Mariani, Philipp Baumann, Vadim Nickel, Sarah Abouzari
Tools: Unity3D, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop



Old Version:





My Edit:

  • Deleted all UI bars (Air level, players breath level, players life)
    → Replaced air bar through visual ingame air
    → the player is notified to breathe through the visualization of the increased and red-alarming head
  • Shooting farts instead of placing farts
    → Raycasting
    → one-hit kill instead of reducing amount of hp
  • fixed timer of holding breath
  • Deleted hyperventilation
    I thought there were too many functions, making this game too hard and uncontrollable


Future Edits:

  • Menu Design
  • Player selection
  • Name input