This project is part of my third semester’s (WT 16/17) programming assignment.

As an introduction to programming simple games in C++, we had to follow a list of requirements in order for this assignment to be had to accepted. Other than that we were free to use our own imagination.

Code Documentation




  • 3 scenes sidescroller
  • 5 quests for each scene
  • inventory system with max 10 items
  • simple animation (walk cycle movement)
  • interaction with inverntory items
  • ambient sount for each scene
  • min. 10 different sound actions
  • Use of XML for Quests-Texts and some additional information

Allowed Tools:

  • C/C++ , STL
  • Visual Studio / xCode
  • SFML-Library
  • XML

Used Tools:

  • C++
  • Visual Studio
  • SFML-Library
  • XML