This game is part of my second semesters (ST 2016) collaborative project. Convinced by the idea of the game, we are currently still working on the protoype now and then.

Portrait of an Oligarchy is an experiment in the caricaturization of the ruling class through narrative, symbolism and grotesquely stylized visuals.  Ten rich and powerful figures are having a dinner party in a mansion, and you play as the server who must cater to their every whim.  The game explores notions of dependence and agency between the working and ruling classes. Through careful observation of the scene, you must figure out how to hatch a murderous plot in order to escape this nightmare full of pompous psychopaths!


Owen Franke, Matan Gantz, Tim Scheller, Sarah Abouzari, Niklas Tomkowitz (contributed during the semester)


The game is played from a first person perspective and being developed as a virtual reality experience.  You are able to see your arms; you’re wearing black sleeves with white gloves and holding a silver platter, which is your serving tool.  There are only two rooms that you can move through, a kitchen and a dining room.  In the dining room sit ten guests whom you must listen to and serve.  They demand more and more from you as the evening goes on, and their table conversation is offensive and disturbing.  If you observe the scene and listen closely enough, you’ll be able to figure out how to kill all of the guests without being caught, leaving you free to escape the mansion.


Gameplay video:



My Contribution

Interaction with Objects (non-inventory mode):

Aiming and Clicking ⇒ Raycasting with crosshair
Lerp animations: floating objects and opening/closing doors and drawers
Selection of carried items through scrolling the mousewheel

Interactions with Objects (inventory mode):

Dragging and Dropping ⇒ Raycasting with mouse
Lerp animation: objects floating closer or further to camera while following the mouse
Combination of different items/objects

Diegetic and non-diegetic Inventory systems:

Serving Tray  (Ingame)
Inventory Grid (UI)
Notebook  (Ingame & UI)


Tracking requested drinks ⇒ notebook
Loosing conditions


Highlighting/Outlining objects ⇒ indicating the player’s interaction
Tutorial UI
Intro scene


Unity3D, Visual Studio, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, MoCap